Land art in a nature development area the Noordwaard (in the Brabantse Biesbosch). Commissioned by Dienst Landelijk Gebied (LNV) in collaboration with Nieuwe Brabantse Kunst Stichting (NBKS).

Since the early 90s D.L.G. and Staatsbosbeheer (i.e. Forestry Commission) have their minds set on plans for nature development in the polder De Noordwaard (600 ha) with open connections to the Nieuwe Merwede and the Amer. The development of wet natural areas seems to come together naturally with the aim for more space for the river in this particular part of the Biesbosch. The continuous progressive insights and action-reaction in the area of water management sways like a labyrinth through our country’s history and has led to a maze of canals, weirs, pumping stations, dykes, and quays. This labyrinth, or maze, works as a perfect metaphor for our centuries long struggle with the water. A labyrinth in the Noordwaard marks every moment a new direction is taken in our maze of water management. But it is the seasons and the weather, the sun, the moon, and the tides that determine the direction of our search with their joint ritual dance.

For more information about this design, see the booklet WASSENDE MAAN (English)

Design: 2005
Completion: 2008