In collaboration with B+B and LoosvanVliet. Commissioned by the county Noord-Holland.

The BlaricummerMeent is a new residential area north of Blaricum, east of Huizen and at the border of the Gooimeer. Archaeological research company Raap carried out a thorough investigation for this project. B+B, bureau for landscape architecture and city planning, has been inspired by the archaeological and geological stories found underneath the mowing fields and behind the time horizon. Their DELTAMODEL, a meandering river, forms the central waterway, a reference to the estuary of the former Eemdelta. BRON TOT DELTA forms a palette of various types of landscapes running along this stream, the landscapes refer to the river. The design represents a springing landscape, a stream valley, a wetland, a canal and lastly a tidal area. This way, the work brings back the tidal waves that have been lost since the transformation of the Zuiderzee into Ijsselmeer.

Design: 2006
Expected construction: 2015
Execution D.O. phase (feasibility research) in collaboration with DHV
Presentation booklet BRON TOT DELTA (Dutch)