commissioned by the municipal Wijchen

A vision on the cohesion of the various connections to the Ringweg around Wijchen and an elaborate design for the kinds of connections.
7 connections to the neighbourhoods; theme: SEDIMENT
6 connections to the centre; theme: THE SOURCE
7 connections to countryside; theme: THE STREAM

Near the 7 connections from the ring around Wijchen to the countryside, oval ‘traffic signs’ are located on traffic islands or in the roadside. To the side, we can see pictures of water in different situations. Beneath the pictures is a retro reflecting foil which makes them light up in the headlights of passing cars. The signs are situated in pairs and bend towards the traffic as well as each other. The Stream forms a poem full of associations and contrasts; big versus small, above versus beneath, there versus here, fire versus water, and swirls versus clouds, reaction versus action, and cause versus consequence.

Design 2002 / completion 2004