Sketch design in relation to windfarm ‘Nieuwe Waterweg’ in Rotterdam.

The landscape of the Europoort, the Nieuwe Waterweg, the Maeslantkering and the windfarm is of such overwhelming splendour and robust beauty that I won’t even attempt to add anything ‘artistic’. This stunning landscape deserves its own stage, it might compel people to look at it differently, perhaps with more awareness. Because the turbine is so high, it offers the ultimate chance for a majestic panorama of the harbours of Rotterdam, the Maeslantkering, the Nieuwe Waterweg, the coastline, the Westland etcetera.

Panorama ‘Maeslant’ is not just supposed to be an aesthetic experience, it will also inform the public about the storing of fossil fuels in the depots of Europoort and the way in which this relates to sustainable energy production at the windfarm ‘De Nieuwe Waterweg’ and windfarms in general. It will try to inform about the energy consumption in the greenhouse area in the Westland and the way in which this energy demand relates to the proceeds of one windturbine. It will try to give some insight into the logistics of the harbour or Rotterdam and the function of the Maeslantkering.

Inspired by a vision of a panorama from the top a turbine, we suggest placing an HD video camera with a 180° fisheye lens on both sides of the mast. Live footage of the view will be sent directly to the harvesting field. Here, the images will be projected on a mini 360° panorama theatre. The visitor will be standing in the heart of the space and be completely engulfed in a Panorama ‘Maeslant’. The sound around the top of the mast will also be registered and played in the theatre.

Advice: PARKLAAN Landschapsarchitecten
Presentation sketch design: Octobre 2013