A design for the Ooijpolder commissioned by the county Gelderland in spirit of the ‘green and blue services’ (Foundation Via Natura).

A ‘sculptural’ island as land art and lanmark.
An earth rampant with alcoves and denominations forms a typographical image; a word image with an OPEN meaning.
As a landmark, the island will be visible and readable from the moraine east of Nijmegen.
A passer-by can settle in the alcoves and enjoy the sun and the view of the Ooijpolder and the moraine.
Maintenance and upkeep of the work of art are intrinsically linked to the design.
Because the mowing pattern varies, the design of the piece will change over time, at the same time it will enhance the readability.

Sketch design: 2006
Construction: 2010/2011
In collaboration with Van Xanten Advies and Process management Art and Culture
Click here for a booklet about this project (English)