Parkingspace at Fort Vechten, centre of the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie with a capacity of 250 cars, 100 bicycles and 2 busses. Commissioned by the county Utrecht, in collaboration with PARKLAAN Landschapsarchitecten.

Even before we reach Fort Vechten we experience a special place in the landscape of the Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie.
The design for this parking space is based on the principals of the hidden military landscape.
Without parked cars, the space looks like a meadow in the landscape, with some concrete paths, casemates, stork nests, and tank barriers.
Only after closer inspection do we see the hidden parking spaces, the numerical tiles and dragon’s teeth in a strict military order.

The parking space is located on the old mowing field and the archaeological monument, it can be disposed of and can also be recycled.
The concrete paths are made of Via Verde-concrete, this contains almost no cement and reduces CO2 emissions. The use of grass paving grids and split bricks reduces the use of materials enormously.

Uitvoering; 2012