is a piece for the district of Ossehaar, commissioned by the municipal Coevorden.

This artwork is a landmark, viewpoint, meeting point, and playground at the same time. It reminds of the medieval history of Coevorden as a motte-and-bailey castle. As a solar calendar, it shows the annual trip of the sun across the sky. The hilltop at its 12 meters gives a free view over the landscape and enables people to always see the sun rise or set.

The 7th of May and 6th of August show the sun rise in the extension of the ‘As van Ossehaar’ and the sun sets here on the 3rd of February and 8th of November. Four ‘Days of Ossehaar’ separate the year in four new quarters. Four dates that may inspire events in this new residential area in Coevorden.

However, it is also a place to relax and enjoy more quiet moments, taking in the view and the sunset…, time slowing down.

Design 2009
Unveiling: June 2010
Look around 360 degrees from behind the piece on the hill in Ossehaar
For more information about the background and details, see PALISADE (English)