commissioned by municipal Zaanstad.

Saendelft is an extended residential area of the historical linear settlement Assendelft (in Noord-Holland). The urban planning project of Saendelft is based on the medieval battle-landscape of the polders around Assendelft. If we look further into the history of this area, we’ll see that the OerIJ, as a tidal channel, used to be connected to the North Sea.

The urban planning project of Saendelft is characterised by long, green strips between the building blocks, called ‘Groene Dragers’ (or ‘Green Carriers’). Because of these strips, the horizon is present throughout the neighbourhood. In various places, big oval spaces are situated over these ‘green carriers’. The ovals are slightly turned facing away from the green. Oval 1 is the designated area for this project and is located in Saendelft West, in ‘Parkrijk’. Striking about Oval 1 is its exact orientation into a north-south direction. This enables the oval to free itself from the haphazard direction of the urban planning grid and point, like a compass needle, towards the earth’s magnetic field. This way, it embeds Saendelft and its residents in a greater, cosmic context.

Sketch design: 2008
Unveiling: 21 June 2009 at 13.41h
For more information about background and details, see HET GETIJDENPARK VAN SAENDELFT (English)
For a detailed explanation on the sundial, see ANALEMMA (Dutch)
Execution and realisation in collaboration with Segno d’Arte