Commissioned by the county of Apeldoorn

“About the origins of the seepage water: The water that rises from the ground in the Ugchel brook can be thousands of years old and originate from great depths (approximately 150 metres). In context, it might be interesting to picture the landscape of the Veluwe some thousands of years ago, when a single raindrop lowered into the ground to start its long journey through the soil…”

In spirit of the project ‘art along Sprengen and Beken’ some forty silver drops have been placed in the catchment of the Ugchel brook in Apeldoorn. The drops are placed in various manners, sometimes in small groups, sometimes alone, close together or far apart. They are placed at the source, at a fork, a watermill, a waterfall, a weir, or an overpass. Each drop carries the water rings of the ‘fossil rainstorm’ on its surface. “We can see the surrounding landscape being reflected in the shimmering surface of the drops, or are we merely remembering the landscape where a drop of rain fell thousands of years ago…?”

Design: 2003
Completion: 2005
Click HERE for a film about the origins of this project