A strict planning and ideological plan is the basis of the town Nagele in the Noordoostpolder. But today’s world looks completely different from the world 50 years ago, when idealistic visions still resulted in these kind of architectonic example projects. These days, Nagele is a monument and is being preserved, but the people living here are a part of a turbulent society that is experiencing a rapid development. The strict regime of the grid, where the vast horizon of the polder is shielded by the tree line, cannot prevent outside forces of influencing, altering, and changing structures.

48 light blue crosses float on the rusty-brown water of the Nagelervaart.
Wind and the current have an influence on the location and position of the crosses.
Every now and again, the strict grid will be readable, but moments later it might be completely chaotic.
Whatever the pattern does, the underlying order is ‘the puppet master’.

May – October 2003

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The Amsterdam Foundation for Arts organised PROTOPARK in the Siegerpark in Amsterdam. PROTOPARK was about creative experiments with the public green domain.

Beneath the surface of a pond 4 synchronous airbubbles float up to the water’s surface with intervals of 10 seconds.
This is a reference to the gaseous and fen-like subsoil in Amsterdam.
The expanding circles on the water’s surface touch each other and will create a geometric interference pattern.

Summer 2002