The town of Tubbergen, county Overijssel owner: Landscape Overijssel in collaboration with Kunst and Cultuur (Art and Culture) Overijssel.

A work of art on the tracks of an agricultural experiment from 1929. In that year, textile manufacturer Jannink constructed two circular fields with a diameter of approximately 378 and 343 metres in the northern Manderheide. The fields were treated in a spiralling motion, this way the plough did not need to turn around again and again. In 1991, the Foundation Landscape Overijssel bought the area with the intention to give the circles back to nature. As MANDERCIRCLES the forms are etched into the landscape permanently. A trail of 2,5 kilometres etches the circles in the landscape. A ditch and shore mark the perimeter, and a hill with juniper bushes and a large labyrinth accentuate the centre-points. These interventions remind of the image of the helical furrows and the sowing and reaping in the consistent cadence of the seasons.

Click HERE to watch a video of a flight above the Mandercircles.
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Design: 1993
Completion: 1999
Revelation: May 2000
At the revelation of this project in 2000, the book TOPOS was published, edition Esselink foundation: isbn 90-6947-01-8